Enterprise, Government & Finance

Enterprise, Government and Finance


Chip PC offers dedicated thin client solutions that fit high security, manageability and cost effectiveness demands placed by enterprise and government installations. Our solutions are running in tens of thousands scale install bases, deployed within days and managed by our powerful management tools.

Chip PC has a long history of mass deployment of thin client solutions in government and municipalities worldwide. Our customers stay with us because we are a solid partner in providing the right solution and the right budget.

Chip PC clients and virtual desktop solutions have the ability to provide latest technology and applications side by side with dramatically saving costs from desktop estate budgets which can be used elsewhere on front line services.

Thin clients are becoming the standard desktop in banks, insurance companies and other financial services IT departments. Chip PC end-to-end Thin Client solutions for financial services combine high performance and strong security devices with robust user and device management software, allowing you to deploy, secure and manage your desktops better at a fraction of your current cost.

Why choose Chip PC Thin Client Solutions?

  • Built-in security integrating hardware and OS with choice of authentication – Smartcard, Single Sign on
  • Policy based remote management of both users and deviceszicht adviseurs logobnp-paribas-logo
  • ‘Drop ship’ remote install and configure
  • Powerful multimedia and video performance previously available only on PC
  • Out-of-the-box Multi-display capabilities
  • Up to 80% TCO savings over PC
  • sloughUnsurpassed reliability, no moving parts, 10 years life cycle and low maintenance
  • Full LDAP based Domain Integration and Authentication – User’s profile follows user to any Chip PC device
  • Very small form factor for limited space installations
  • Extreme Green Computing with 3-6 Watts power consumption, minimum carbon footprint and maximum recyclabilitymoselle