Healthcare, Education & SMB

Healthcare – Turn your IT healthierhealthcare154

Chip PC desktop solutions are a perfect fit for healthcare due to their unique, compact form factors, superb support of digital imaging, high performance and compliance with harshest security & HIPAA standards requiring protection of patient data and complete manageability.

Chip PC products are a natural choice for various healthcare organizations worldwide, including private and public hospitals and clinics, serving faithfully patients as well as medical and paramedical personnel. Chip PC products provide new installation options as Point Of Care, including exam rooms and patient rooms.

Why choose Chip PC Thin Client Solutions?

  • HIPAA compliance – No local data at client


  • Powerful digital imaging capabilities
  • Full Electronic Medical Record (EMR) functionality
  • Point of Care solution – Direct data retrieval and entry
  • Physician Order Entry (CPOE) solutions
  • Elimination of secondary charting or transcription operationslandsting
  • Broad variety of authentication – Smartcard, Single Sign on
  • Domain Authentication – User’s profile follows user to any Chip PC device
  • High Integrity – 100% virus-immune via Digital Signing Software
  • Efficient and fast physician sign on & authentication

Education – Desktop for Every Student – On a Thin Budget

Chip PC solutions, powered by flexible, wall mount or furniture installed secured form factor clients are used by hundreds of thousands of students and staff worldwide to offer a reliable, cost effective yet high performance access to latest learning environments.education154

  • Familiar Windows or Linux UI experience contributes to quick learning curve with students and staff.
  • Easy broadcasting of files and videos.
  • Central management of applications and user permissions can be performed easily by 3rd party IT subcontractors
  • Green solution combining lowest power consumption with compact, environmental
    friendly client hardware.From Kindergartens to Universities, e-learning or computer based learning (CBL) is becoming a standard. With Chip PC Thin Client solutions
  • for education students and faculty get a full performance desktop while the IT department enjoys the highest levels of manageability, reliability, power savings and Pates_Logosecurity, driving Total Cost of Ownership to a fraction of its current cost.

Why choose Chip PC Thin Client Solutions?

  • Powerful imaging and video performance previously available only on PC
  • Unsurpassed reliability, no moving parts, 10 years life cycle and low maintenance
  • Very small form factor for limited space and ‘in wall’ installationshes
  • Built-in security integrating hardware and OS with choice of authentication – Smartcard, Single Sign on
  • Policy based remote management of both users and devices
  •  Up to 80% TCO savings over PC
  • Full LDAP based Domain Integration and Authentication – User’s profile follows user to any Chip PC device
  •  Extreme Green Computing with 3-6 Watts power consumption, minimum carbon footprint and maximum recyclability

SMB – Small Medium Businesses

Chip PC tailors simple, powerful and affordable client and desktop virtualization solutions for SMBs, offering unique form factor clients and supporting remote management and services option that can be offered via Internet and Application service providers.

Why choose Chip PC Thin Client Solutions?

  • Chip PC technology works with standard office software
  • Quick deployment in days
  • Remote management can be installed at service provider and provide simple full control of client devices
  • Cost savings of up to 90% per seat compared to PC .
  • Simple IT for SMBs, users are happy with the silent operation and familiar user interface, service provider IT staff enjoy simple and quick set-up, no operation, and remote management and configuration.