iM PC thin client

buy-buttonget eval btn         The iM-PC is designed to work in combination with Windows ™ MultiPoint Server 2012 or Userful Multiplatform™ to provide a cost effective workstation solution for education, small business, call center,retail, and hospitality industries.

The iM-PC is a zero client designed as an endpoint of a shared resource system, such as a MultiPoint Server or Userful Multiplatform system.

The solution enables a host server to power multiple and independent stations. Each station only consists of one station hub (zero client) with a keyboard,mouse, and monitor connected, allowing multiple users to share the computing power of one single server.

Simply through an Ethernet connection, the server provides each station user with a familiar and independent Windows experience.

  • Cost-effective & well-connected
  • Zero Client Solution
  • Support“Userful Multiplatform™”
  • Supports “Windows™ Multipoint Server 2012” 
  • High Security & Easy Maintenance
  • VESA Mounting

iM PC Zero client solution  is based on Windows MultiPoint Server 2012.   For more information on Windows MultiPoint Server 2012, please visit:   For Userful Multiplatform, please visit:     btn-download-datasheet