Plug PC thin client
super compact thin client

The Plug PC CXP/LXP 2310 supports powerful multimedia with Chip PC video redirection (ICA/RDP), flexible 3rd party application integration and Citrix® HDX Plug-n-Play (USB redirection). The HDX Plug-n-Play offers simple access to peripherals and other local resources (USB, multi-monitor, printers, and more) in a virtual application environment as well as local device resources.

  • Cross OS upgrade to Windows® CE OS (optional, requires purchase of Microsoft license/label)
  • Outstanding In-session Performance, including video and sound
  • Powerful multimedia with Chip PC® video redirection(ICA/RDP)
  • Powerful Linux MPlayer supporting a wide range of video formats
  • ICA 11 with Citrix® HDX Plug-n-Play (USB redirection)
  • Cost-effectiveness and security advantages of ultra-thin devices
  • Flexible 3rd party application support
  • Fully managed via Policy-based, value-added Xcalibur Global management suite
  • Allows login to Active Directory domain from Linux-based devices
  • Manage devices in any environment (LAN, WAN, Remote site)
  • Lowest power consumption, only 3W power
  • Best power/performance ratio
  • Smallest form-factor assures minimum carbon footprint and maximum recycling potential
  • Power by monitor option with Chip PC USB power cable