Software Downloads Center

Welcome to Chip PC Software Download Center Here you will be able to find and download various software components needed for Chip PC thin client environments.  If you wish to evaluate Chip PC management and plug ins software, click here to get  a free package of Chip PC software evaluation licenses now! The software components offered, range from Management Software files such as service packs or resource kits, to Thin Client software files such as plug-ins, firmware upgrades and more.

New! Thinx OS – Linux LXD 8xxx v2.0.4 Build 160204 (Gold)

This Upgrade is providing a full dual screen support on Citrix 13.2.1 and RDP , a true color support in DDC mode, and a new cutomizable splash screen.

Xcalibur 1.2 build 379:

  • Xcalibur Global (1.2 MSI Only) (Size 45MB)
    • Xcalibur Global (1.2) Database Full.msi
    • Xcalibur Global (1.2) Front End Server.msi
    • Xcalibur Global (1.2) Management.msi
  • Xcalibur Global 1.2 b.379 Packages and Plugins

Standalone Firmware and Plugins :

  • Standalone Firmware and Plugins for:
    • Firmware 3.0.x (Linux-based ThinX OS for x86)
    • Firmware 2.0.x (Linux-based ThinX OS for arm LXD 8xxx)
    • Firmware 7.0.x (Windows CE 6.0 R2 OS)
    • Firmware 6.5.x (Windows CE 4.2 OS)
    • Firmware 1.1.x (Linux-based ThinX OS for 2xxx)

Windows Embedded (WES7) :

Utilities & Miscellaneous:

  • ChipPC Installer Needed only for 6xxx / 7xxx / 2xxx under Firmware 6.5.x and 7.0.x Not needed for 2xxx / 8xxx under Linux Firmware 1.0.x and 2.0.x