Xcalibur Global management software

Numerous projects have been done where a 1000 plus devices were seamlessly deployed thanks to the capabilities of Xcalibur Global. Devices were shipped to final branch destination, plugged into the network by the end users, the management then remotely recognized, configured and brought the devices fully on-line. No touch of the devices was required by the IT organization.

FedEx report

Xcalibur Global as a management software mainly answers 2 main important needs for me: Management & Real Time. With Xcalibur Global it is possible to know anytime and from anywhere what is the status of every device in real-time. The software supports remotely every feature that can be done locally. It is an extremely helpful management tool.

Mark Freeman, IT consultant




No effort management and control

Xcalibur Global and Xcalibur Global-W extend application and client virtualization capabilities for the latest virtualized desktop and cloud environments. Chip PC management software answers current market needs enabling fast deployment and control of mass scale install bases enhancing user productivity and collaboration.

Chip PC Xcalibur Global is policy-based management software designed for chip PC thin client management. Offering an MMC -Based Interface, it provides fault tolerance, speed, scalability and ease of management. IT managers can quickly and easily expand end user connectivity with the workstations fully and remotely configured.

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Chip PC Xcalibur Global
W is unified management software offering monitoring and control of Windows Embedded Devices for both Chip PC and other vendors. Owning a user friendly web based interface supports inventory management, device configuration, software and file updates, remote assistance, and monitoring & preventive maintenance

The equation is simple – manage efficiently and save!

  • Minimum time and effort in allocating each user a personalized, secured and centrally- managed desktop computing environment
  • Minimum deployment time with intelligent configuration, permission allocation and deployment of thousands thin client/virtual desktop profiles.
  • Over the board compatibility with industry leading cloud and virtualization solutions and applications
  • Fast learning curve and highest usability thanks to being based on industry standard tools such as MS Active Directory and MMC snap in.

Roll-out thousands desktops without leaving your office!

Rolling out and managing thousands of desktops across geographies and business units seem like a gigantic project. Not anymore! Chip PC combines Plug & Play remote deployment, automated policy based management and seamless integration to virtualization platforms, together saving you hundreds of hours in installation, setup and daily management of your desktops.

100% Plug & Play Remote Installation

Just drop-ship the ultra-small Chip PC desktop to the user’s office and as soon as the cables are connected the device automatically receives the right image from the server, and that’s it! The user can immediately log in using her domain credentials and start working on the corporate applications or her own virtual desktop.

Point & Click Policy Based Management

Need to switch all users in Europe to a new server? One click. Enforce smart card authentication on all finance department users? One click. With the power of Policy based user and device management provided by Xcalibur Global, it’s that easy. Based on Active Directory, device management seamlessly integrates into your current management policies, enabling you to leverage all your current groups and policies to manage the hardware and software configuration of the deployed thin clients.

Seamless Virtualization

Whatever virtualization technology you are using, Chip PC will seamlessly integrate with it. Citrix XenServer, Vmware Vcenter and Microsoft Hyper-V are all supported out-of-the box with custom tailored features specifically designed to leverage each platform’s unique capabilities.