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Getting Started

Server Software Installation

Client Software Installation

First Time Use

Enrolling Client Devices

Client Access Licenses

Discovering New Clients

Enrolling Client Devices

Manage Devices

Commands Glossary

Commands to Multiple Devices

Commands to Single Device


Reporting Services

Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance

Automatic Policies


Manager Options




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What's new in 2.14

* Disable DHCP Scope option * Remove functionalities not needed * Security : Securing of the cookies * Security : Password reenforcement (according to ANSSI recommendation) * Security : Block reusing of user requests * Security : Communication clients\server full https * Security : CSP request header on every manager request

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2.11 Version

2.10 Version

2.9 Version

2.8 Version

2.7 Version

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2.2 Version

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1.6.4 Version

1.6.3 Version

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