Cost effective | Top Security | Ease of Management

PC-to-TC ThinX OS Converter enables you to turn almost any PC into a fully functional thin client in seconds.
Simply Place the component inside the PC instead of the hard disk or connect the USB stick externally. Reboot the PC and it starts up as a Thin Client.
The PC is then centrally and remotely fully controlled and administrated. Applicable for old hardware up from 500 MHz processors with minimum 256 MB RAM. Benefits:

  • Convert a PC into a Thin Client,
  • Full remote management with Xcalibur Global,
  • Citrix Client, RDP / RDS, VMWare View PCoIP, 2X Client, Terminal Emulation (5250, SCO, AS/400, ssh…)
  • Extend hardware life time,
  • Support for PCs up from 500 MHz and 256 Mb RAM,
  • PC functionality in a thin client architecture,
  • Cost effective,
  • Super secure,
  • Available in USB-Stick version