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Manual Client Installation

On Windows, use command-line parameters to change Xcalibur W Agent's installation behavior, or to change how Xcalibur W agent runs.

/SInstall silently
/WPDELETEDelete installation file after installation is done
/WPREBOOTRestart the computer after installation is done
/WPLOGOFFLogoff user after installation is done
/WPUPDATEUpdate an existing installation (configuration files are kept)
/WPHTTPPORTSpecify port number for http connection if other than default port 80
/INSTALLVNCInstall TightVNC server along with Device Agent (options /VNCPASS or /VNCADMIN required)
/VNCPASS=passwdSpecify the password for remote connection to VNC server
/VNCADMIN=passwdSpecify the password to access VNC Server local configuration console
/WPFILTERForce installation on a computer which is protected by Windows Write Filter
/WPINSTALLPATH=pathSpecify the installation path within the computer filesystem
/WPSERVER={managerAddress}Specify the address of Xcalibur W server

Use multiple parameters by including them on the same line. For example:

C:\Users\Administrateur\Desktop>XcaliburWDeviceAgent_1.2.7.449.exe /S /INSTALLVNC /VNCPASS=user /VNCADMIN=admin
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