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For Server 2.14.x & Agent 2.14.x

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Getting Started

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Enrolling Client Devices

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Reporting Services

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Installing the Solution

Application Archive

Xcalibur W is delivered as a compressed file (archive):

XcaliburW where x.x.x.x refers to the version
Ex: refers to Xcalibur W Server

This file contains all the web pages used by the application and must be published to the web server.

Publishing to IIS Server

Extract the content of the compressed file in the following folder:


Create two folders - Temp and Resources - in the Xcalibur W root folder (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\XcaliburW ms).

Add the IIS_IUSRS user account, with full access control, to these directories and the XcaliburW ms folder.

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