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Package Builder


Deployment Package Builder is an easy and convenient solution to deploy files, scripts or installers to your devices using a single command. It enables to create a unique compressed package from your workstation - containing ressources and executable script - and to upload it into Xcalibur W Library. Once uploaded, the Package can be used in a Task using Package Deployment command.

Build a New Package

In order to create a new package, you will need to define:

  • the package name
  • the description
  • the source directory where the resources are located
  • optional scripts intended to be executed - prior to, during, or after deployment
  • the target directory

For ease of use, validation parameters can be defined so the Deployment Package will not install if the conditions are not met. Typical scenarios where Deployment Package Builder is useful are:

  • deploy and execute a script
  • deploy and save a set of files
  • deploy and install several installers

Open an Existing Package

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