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Getting Started

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First Time Use

Enrolling Client Devices

Client Access Licenses

Discovering New Clients

Enrolling Client Devices

Manage Devices

Commands Glossary

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Main Devices Listing

Devices List

The Devices List shows the devices currently controlled by Xcalibur W. Selecting an item in the tree on the left displays the devices associated with that item.

Use the check boxes on the left side of the list to select one, several, or all items to administer.

The list of devices can be sorted by clicking on the various column heads. Click once to sort the items in ascending order; click again to sort the items in descending order.

Contextual Menu

Right-click a listed device to display the Device Contextual Menu.

Open in New Tab

This opens the Single Device View in a new browser tab. The Single Device View allows you to examine and/or manipulate the device's current settings.

Refresh Inventory

This instructs the device agent to upload its inventory to Xcalibur W. The inventory catalogs all the settings and configurations that are stored within Xcalibur W.

Remote desktop (VNC)

Opens a new RVNC window, allowing you to connect to and shadow a device. See how RVNC works.

Wake On Lan

Sends a Wake On Lan Magic Packet over the Lan specifically for this device instructing it to wake up to receive instructions.

Reboot Device

Remotely reboots the device.

Shutdown Device

Remotely shuts down the device (or multiple devices, if selected).

Customized Devices List

The default Devices List shows up as below

Xcalibur W is able to display device data you care about. By using the Devices List Settings Tab, you can create new views and share them with other users.

For more information on Devices List Settings, you can refer to the Customize your Devices List Section.

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